About us

Arts 4 wellbeing is a vibrant community arts situated in the heart of the borough of South Tyneside and has operated since 1994, under its former title of South Tyneside Arts Studio.

Our organisation is committed to providing a warm relaxed and safe environment for users it enables members to participate in creative activities to promote personal growth, reduce social exclusion and provide them with effective therapeutic services.

Arts 4 Wellbeing is a registered charity and was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee in September 1995. Arts 4 Wellbeing objectives within the memorandum and articles of association confirm its purpose to:

Advance the education of the public in particular persons suffering from the effects of mental illness and mental health problems living in South Tyneside through the use and promotion of art artistic and creative activities.

To foster creativity and creative activity including drawing, painting, sculpting print and other art forms and to enrich and belong to the artistic life of South Tyneside.

Arts 4 Wellbeing is the birth place of fun, innovation creativity and change.